The Choice is Yours

You can open any business you want. What products or services will you choose? The paradox of choice is infinite, but you are going to have to make a decision.  

There is an unlimited number of products and services available today, especially with the rise e-commerce.  For example, type in “soap” on Amazon. You are provided with pages of possibilities with different brands, colors, scents, and prices. This makes our experience overwhelming, so we put off this chore for later. You may ask, “So if I can’t choose a bar of soap, how am I supposed to choose a path for my company?”  

More choices are not better than some choices. If you have a retail store and you offer too many options to your consumer, even if they feel like they’ve chosen your best product, they will feel bad about their purchase. Due to too many options, they will question if they really did buy the best product in your store and will leave dissatisfied.

The solution is to focus. Find a niche and contain it. You have the responsibility to make intelligent decisions for consumers that they can feel good about.